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                about us
                About us

                The company is specialized in the development of the valve, production, engineering design, installation and commissioning, technical training and provision of after-sales service of high-tech integrated enterprise, the company is specialized in the development of the valve, Is the valve industry in the well-known enterprises. Standardization of the plant to meet the various types of production, research and development of product demand. With China's modernization and peaceful rise, Xingfeng always make their own contribution in due course. From the beginning, we will continue ...

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                Sale Phone:0577-67362106 Technical Consulting:葉向春 13989720218 Sale Manger:葉喜嬌 13968983278 13989720218
                Mail:1148499103@qq.com Fax:0577-67361106 QQ:1148499103
                Add:Oubei Town Dong Ou Industrial Zone, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Web Site:www.zjyjxf.com www.xf-valve.cn
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